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Family owned and operated since 1988

Bob and Lorraine Bartch along with the rest of the staff at Gourmet Pizza and Subs have been offering the freshest ingredients, the most painstaking preparations, and the friendliest customer service we can provide. We pride ourselves on our homemade sauce and daily hand made dough. The shop started out offering five subs and three kinds of pizza - its signature taco pizza, gourmet cheese and spicy delight. Recipes at Gourmet Pizza have evolved over the years through trial and error. Mr. Bartch went through about 15 different recipes before settling on one. The restaurant makes everything homemade that it possibly can, including soups, hamburgers, crab cakes, honey mustard and shrimp salad. "I'm famous for my honey mustard" She started making homemade lasagna after a customer suggested it. Plenty of menu items have been added over the years from employee and customer suggestions. "We care about our customers, I don't just wait on them and say, 'Here's your food, see ya.' We know them by name." Employees say it's like a family at Gourmet Pizza. The restaurant's two full-time employees have been there for over a decade.


Serving the city of Pasadena and surrounding locations.

Gourmet Pizza & Subs

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8541 Fort Smallwood Rd.
Pasadena, MD 21122
P: 410-360-8777

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